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Review of Warehouse Blues

From the Honolulu Pulse – January 20, 2012
REVIEW BY JOHN BERGER / jberger@staradvertiser.com
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Willie K can play or sing almost anything an American audience might ask for. On this album he and some friends play the blues. Some of the 17 original compositions are mainstream blues, others are closer to rock or ‘60s soul, but with Willie K leading the group on guitar and vocals they all work one way or another.
One of the most traditional numbers is “Heart Aching Blues.” If someone should ask if Willie K really has what it takes to play the blues like he means it, direct them to this song. “Too Bad,” the second track of the album, is a swinging, uptempo gem. A woman didn’t recognize that she could have had him. Now he’s on top of the world without her, and as for her, well, too bad! It’ll make you smile just to hear him sing it.
“Howling At The Moon” has a strong traditional foundation, and Willie K sounds like he’s having a great time singing it. A few songs later, with one titled “Lonely Man,” he’s switched to somber cocktail lounge pop; Sam Ahia Sr. (guitar) and an unidentified pianist are the key players in a beautiful arrangement there. “World Singing The Blues,” a protest song about mankind’s continuing assault on the environment is also memorable. Whatever the relative balance of blues, rock and ’60 soul music from one song to the next, Willie K never fails to connect.
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