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“Get A Job” movie goes global

Willie K
by Jacek Adamski for SouthSeasMag.com
HONOLULU (Dec. 3, 2012) – The award winning comedy “Get A Job” with the giant soundtrack was filmed entirely in Hawai’i. Every state across the country wants film production for their localities because of the economic impact. Hawai’i offers some tax incentives just like many other state do. It is an incentive for producers to bring production and post-production to their communities. The tax credits that “Get A Job” received are now helping the film come to market.
The movie was written/directed by Brian Kohne and was his four year journey. The film is being released to DVD in time for the holidays. Kohne graduated from film school at San Jose State in 1989.

Stefan Schaefer was the producer and he has had other releases in Europe. At the historic Palace Theater in Hilo, Hawai’i during the theatrical run Kohne said, “The movie was done in layers, people are going to be so surprised by the underground stories they discover behind all that laughter.”

Associate producer Raymond Rolak was happy to see how well the soundtrack has been received. “The principals hit a giant homerun with the music and Brian Kohne used a team approach to bring it all to market,” added Rolak.

“Get A Job” also had an international added twist with Polish Nationals as part of the sound design team. Kohne was pleased with the end result as the DVD and Movie Soundtrack CD will be coming to market in time for Christmas.

Marcin Tyszka and Allan Zaleski were great additions to the sound tech and sound engineering efforts. Not only does the movie have a Pacific-fusion feel, it is also culturally enriching with first nation and global reach. The ever polite Japanese tourist’s scenes that get featured bring forth giant audience laughs also.

In this movie besides the chuckles, it is the music that really shines. Veteran island entertainers Willie-K and Eric Gilliom take the comedy to another heightened level with their special talents. They get some great cameo help from rockers Mick Fleetwood, Willie Nelson, and Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers. Pinoy comedian Augie-T is a riot as the overzealous Maui policeman.

Willie-K will be performing a Christmas Concert in Redwood City on December 16, at the Club Fox.


The Motion Picture Soundtrack by the Barefoot Natives also goes on sale in mid-December. Both products can be purchased online at www.GetAJobMovie.com in addition from select retailers.



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